Team Meal Guidelines

Beverages: Please bring enough water for players to have 3 bottles.  Sport drinks are a bonus!

Food:  Please provide a healthy meal, including fruits and/or vegetables, protein, & a side item (chips) for all players and coaches. 

When:  For home matches, the meals must be at school no later than 3:15pm.  Please arrive and set the food up on the picnic table.  Don’t forget to have plates, napkins and plastic silverware.

For away matches, the bus often leaves by 2:30.  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior. Please double check with your coach/team parent for the exact time.

Dietary Restrictions:   Please check with your team parent for dietary information.  It’s up to your team to address how you would like to handle it.

Meal Assignments:  The team parent will assign a meal rotation to each parent.  Your family is assigned a match, not a date.  

Post Season:  The Milton Tennis Booster Board handles the meal schedule after the regular season.