Welcome to Milton High School Tennis 2022 !!!

Important Dates:

  • Player information Meeting: Thursday, November 11th @ 7:45 AM in 3308
  • Registration Form: December 3rd
  • All forms are submitted and approved in DragonFly: December 3rd
  • Girls Tryouts: January 10th – 13th
  • Boys Tryouts: January 4th – 7th

Registration Steps – You MUST complete ALL 3 steps below to be able to tryout:

  1. Complete the Registration Formhttps://tinyurl.com/2022MiltonTennis

The registration form includes player/parent information and player experience. This should only take a few minutes to fill out.

  1. Complete ALL Forms on DragonFlyhttps://www.dragonflymax.com/

ALL forms will be submitted electronically, some forms must be scanned and uploaded. This year the physical needs to be submitted in two parts: the exam form and the medical eligibility form. Athletes MUST have a current physical in order to tryout! Use this link to help create an account: https://tinyurl.com/DragonFlySteps

  1. Sign-Up for Remind:

This will be used during tryouts to communicate with athletes. 
Players are required to sign up and parents can sign up if they would like.

You may already be signed up from a previous year.


To be eligible to tryout, ALL forms must be submitted by December 3rd!

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We are excited to be able to provide an outlet for the athletes to compete in an organized and safe manner during this time. The coaching staff has developed a plan along with the guidance from the Fulton County Athletic Department that we feel will provide a safe and enjoyable experience for the athletes.  Please note that this is a fluid situation and subject to change at any time. We understand that this is a lot of information but please read through the entirety as there is very pertinent information regarding the success of our season.

Click HERE for COVID Protocols and Information