COVID Protocols and Information

Key Information:

  • Athletes can remain in virtual learning and participate in spring sports.
    • Face to face students – If you come in contact with an individual with COVID at school and are identified as high risk by the county, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days. This will mean you will miss all practices and matches during that time.
    • You are required to inform the coaches of all quarantine situations that occur throughout the season.
  • If you are not feeling well, waiting for a COVID result, or have come in contact with someone with COVID DO NOT come to practice.
    • If you will miss practice or a match, please let the coaches know as soon as possible!
  • Athletes will be expected wear a mask any time they are not on court playing. This includes the screening process, after practice, on busses, and when watching matches.
    • Any athlete not wearing a mask will NOT be allowed to practice
    • All coaches are committed to wearing masks for the entire practice
  • Athletes will also be asked to maintain social distancing whenever possible.
  • Athletes will be expected to bring their own water (NO SHARING)
    • Water will NOT be provided at practice!
    • We suggest large, labeled water bottles
    • Athletes need to bring enough water for before, during and after practice.

Daily COVID Screening: Before each practice, meet, or activity ALL athletes, volunteers, and coaches will have their temperatures taken and be asked the following questions:

Have you experienced any of the following symptoms within the last week:

  • Fever, Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, Loss of Taste, Loss of Smell, Vomiting or Nausea, Shaking with Chills, Close Contact with Someone with COVID, Diagnosed with COVID, Are you or anyone in your house waiting on a COVID 19 test Result?

Please screen yourself/your athlete before practice. If you say yes to any of these questions, you MUST stay home! All COVID related absences will be excused.

If any athlete reports COVID related symptoms or encounters someone who has tested positive for COVID it will be reported, by the coaches, to the county. The county follows strict procedures to identify risk and will assess each situation individually. They will report follow up procedures and possible quarantine situations to parents and coaches. We ask that athletes and parents are up front with any situations that may occur throughout the season as we are trying to protect all athletes and coaches and want the season to safely continue. All COVID related information will be kept confidential.

The 2021 Milton Tennis season may not have the same look and flow as it has in past years, but we are happy to have the opportunity to have a season and will need everyone’s cooperation to follow the school and county COVID guidelines and procedures. The health and safety of each athlete and their family is our main concern.