Boys Teams Announces!

Congratulations to the following boys! Coach Nixon and I are very excited for the season!

Varsity Boys will practice Tuesday at Wills Park from 4 – 5:30 and JV Boys will practice from 4-5:30 at Hembree Park. Players are responsible for getting their own rides to practice. JV parents will drive and carpool the players. Varsity players usually get rides with the seniors or those who drive.

Tuesday at 7 pm will be Meet the Eagles in the media center. Please dress nicely for this event. Players will be served dinner. Parents need to attend.


Brendan Donnelly

Kyle Dressler

Rodrigo Lopez

Justin Neibert

Alex Scudellari

Vishal Vardhineedi

Kyle Laubenstein

Ben Falk

Garrett Mathis

Scott Bauer

Junior Varsity:

Saurav Basu

Vedant Bhat

Chad Burr

Vishesy Gattani

Nihar Thatipamula

Will Newell

Peyton Hampton

Andrew VonHillebrandt

William DeGrazie

Robert Davidson

Michael Waples